Lynx Tour

the Lynx tour of Doñana

Iberian Lynx
4 to 12 hours

Huelva & Seville

Special tour with one main target: the world’s most endangered feline. Travel around Doñana National Park in the search of this elusive mammal.

Lynx quest
Behind the footprints of the secret hunter

Doñana is not only home for hundreds of bird species, it is also home for the most endangered cat on Earth and holds the traditionally second largest population of Iberian Lynx.

Through this Lynx guided tour, we spend a day out enjoying the Mediterranean forest with all its different aspects (flora and fauna) while looking for our main target. Despite the low chances, the search of the Lynx can be quite exciting even we do not manage to find it!

We follow the indications by the Wildlife Department of the Spanish Government and apply the good practises with maximum respect for Lynx watching. Please have a look at the document by clicking on the following link:

Best practises for bear, wolf and lynx watching in Spain (English version)

To see the information in larger size, click on the image.

Route locations

Doñana is a vast protected area of nearly 1,300 square kilometres of extension with different protection status such as World Heritage, Biosphere Reserve, Ramsar Site, SPA and National and Natural Parks. Through this trip, we visit the common land north of Doñana National Park that hosts the largest density of Iberian Lynx, driving and walking across the Mediterranean forest and the farmland on the edge and outside the Park. At an extra fee, we can enter restricted sites such as Coto del Rey or Finca de Gato, both in the Natural Park area in between the provinces of Huelva and Seville.

Duration time

The duration of the trip depends on the meeting point, the numbers of birds and mammals that come across and the interest in other special species of flora and fauna. Normally we will spend 4 hours on a half day tour and between 8 and 9 hours on a full day.

Half Day 4h Full Day 8h Extra Full Day 12h
Private Tour 1 to 3 people 220 Euro 290 Euro 350 Euro
4 or more people 55 Euro 75 Euro 89 Euro
Open Group Price per person 55 Euro 75 Euro 89 Euro
The best time to watch Iberian Lynx coincides with their mating season from December to February, although the tour can be done at any time in the year including the summer when a trip can be arranged either in the morning or in the evening. Mind it might be very hot in the middle of day! However, in the summer we have good chances when the mummies take their kittens out to explore the world.
Contact us to organise your Lynx tour in order to maximise your possibilities of spotting that fantastic animal.

All our guides speak fluent English and the tour can be done in French, Portuguese or Catalan on demand.

Checklist available in different languages.


Pickup can be arranged from any accommodation or any meeting point within the provinces of Huelva and Seville. For long distances, a fuel fee might be charged.

We use vehicles according to the group size. Usually a 9-seater minibus for up to 8 customers.

Please choose if you would like to take this tour in an open or in a private group.

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